OPPO UDP-203 Available Soon

December 12, 2016

Long-time readers will note that I’m a big fan of OPPO and their digital disc-spinners. I think I have one of every generation they’ve released, both for my two-channel systems and for my home theater setups. For example, my current [...]

Newport 2016: Wireworld

June 15, 2016

At THE Show, I got a new perspective on cables. Cables are a highly contentious topic in our industry, and it was refreshing to spend a few minutes with David Salz, Designer and Founder of Wireworld, on his perspective. Things people can’t argue: [...]

CANLANTA 2016: A Great Re-Start

June 10, 2016

Recently in Atlanta, headphone enthusiasts from all over the Southeast gathered at the local Marriott Century City to hear the latest from some of the best manufacturers of portable audio gear. The was the culmination of months of planning led by [...]