CES 2015: Brilliant Corners from Manley


ces-logoManley Labs was not showing any new products at CES this year, and instead of a “live” display, opted for something a bit more off-the-wall.

That is, they hung all their gear. Like art. With frames. Artful audio as … audio art? Ha! The display was, in a word, brilliant.

I’ve been a fan of the chunky-looking American brand since I started thinking about hi-fi, and seeing everything suspended and floating here was enough to make my little Grinchy heart swell.

The Steelhead phono, the 300b pre and the Stingray integrated, all occupy special little places in my head. Love ’em.

On an only tangentially related note, I spent a few minutes talking with EveAnna Manley about her Facebook-documented motorbike trip across Vietnam. Yes, that’s how she takes a vacation. Some people have a natural talent for making me feel boring. Apparently, the Resident Wizard also has family in my hometown — I’ve promised her a night good eats on her next trip through. And yes, I fully expect her to roll up in leathers on the back of a big snarling Harley-Davidson. Of course, I’ve been known for a vivid imagination.

On matters of state, I hear that Manley is considering some aesthetic adjustments in the not-too-distant future. Carbon-fiber top-plates, anyone? Whatever they decide to do, I hope they keep those massive knobs, buttons, dials and remotes. Love those things.






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