High End 2016: The Acoustical Systems Apolyt, a vinyl-spinning Leviathan


High-end audio is a run for who makes the biggest speakers, amplifiers, and of course turntables. As of 2016, the trophy for the biggest, meanest, spinner goes to the Acoustical Systems Apolyt, which sets new standards for what “massive” should stand for.

  • platter weight: 58 kg
  • chassis weight: 188 kg
  • 2 motors – motors weight 26 kg
  • powersupply weight: 38 kg
  • net weight: 388 kg
  • shipping weight: 580 kg (delivery in 8 flight cases)
  • dimensions (w x d x h): 108 cm x 69 cm x 128 cm
  • wow & flutter: below 0.01% (W.R.M.S)
  • speed: 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm – all speeds w/ precise adjustment option
  • drive: unique balanced shaft transmission drive
  • power consumption in operation: 20 to 180 Watt

The exact price depends on your location, as it will be installed by members of the company; surely you cannot possibly believe you are up to the task. The foundation of this beast lay on a stand similar to those used for electron microscopes. In fact, the plinth and optional integrated rack are suspended on true air-spring-induction-field suspension with resonance frequency below 0.5 Hz. Electron microscopes need the most stable racks as they magnify everything by hundreds-of-thousands of times, meaning even the most insignificant movement will result in complete noise. Imagine the same quality stand underneath your turntable — how’s that for ultimate vibration control?

All ordinary issues regarding turntable design have been addressed thoroughly. Huge platter inertia, center of moving mass resting in the bearing plane, motor-drive powered by custom amplifier and optional pure DC-power supply and so on.

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Dietrich Brakemaier, chief designer of AS (seen in the picture standing next to his latest creation) actually had an Apolyt turntable made more than 25 years ago, it costed 40.000DEM at the time and was maybe 1/10 the size of this new version. At that time it was among the biggest tables, but as I said, times change.

If the new Apolyt could be said to have some cons, these clearly are: the size (which could also be a pro, depending on who you ask), the looks (but also, perhaps a pro, depending on who you ask) and the price (which, at 280.000, euros is a con — no matter who you ask).




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