Pass Labs and DeVore Fidelity arrive for review



Pass Labs XP-10 preamplifier.

Some equipment just speaks your language. Pass Labs designs have always been a favourite of mine on the audio-show circuit. They construct incredibly musical components with real sonic muscle that never sacrifices air or detail, so when I was offered an opportunity to review some of their gear I was very happy indeed.



Pass Labs X150.8 power amplifier.


Pass Labs X150.8, and DeVore Fidelity O/93.

After some thinking, I decided that my approach to this upcoming review would be from the point of view of someone looking to make the jump from an integrated amplifier to separates. With that in mind, and with a budget in my head ($15,000 USD or less) Pass Labs have sent me their entry-level XP-10 preamplifier, and X150.8 power amplifier. Thanks to Soundhounds in Victoria, and DeVore Fidelity in Brooklyn, I’ve got a beautiful pair of DeVore O/93s to review along with the XP-10, and X150.8. AudioQuest cabling throughout wires everything together.


DeVore, Pass Labs, PS Audio synergy.


AudioQuest Oak speaker cabling.


10-inch mid-bass driver and gently horn-loaded 1-inch tweeter of the O/93.

Things have been busy at Part-Time Audiophile north lately. PS Audio recently sent me their Perfect Wave Power Plant 10 for review, and the Pass Labs equipment is enjoying their break-in period with noticeably improved dynamics, and a much-lowered noise floor thanks to the P10. Our listening/living room is just starting to clear out after parting with a slew of headphone amps, and headphones, and the CH Precision L1, and M1 pre/power amp system that was paired up with the Dynaudio C4s having just left the building, I can tell you my neighbours will appreciate my absence for the Montreal Audio Festival starting this Friday.




PS Audio PerfectWave power Plant 10.

I’ve got a number of Pro-Ject turntables coming in the months ahead as well, so stay tuned, and I’ll update you when the first model arrives.

–Rafe Arnott

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4 Comments on Pass Labs and DeVore Fidelity arrive for review

  1. I’m looking forward to your impressions of the XP-10.

  2. I’m looking forward to what you think of the XP-10.

  3. How could an evening with this equipment be improved? I dunno.
    I’m thinking some fine bourbon and a beautiful woman.
    Maybe Dickel & Ratajkowski???

  4. Rafe – you are way too busy! I’ll be glad to take some reviewing responsibility of your hands 😉

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