RMAF 2017: More Must See Rooms

Saturday, Day Two

Photojournal by Eric Franklin Shook

I have more brands, dealers, and vendors you might want to put on your short list of MUST SEE ROOMS for Sunday. Also, let us know in the comments below of any rooms you have on your personal must see list.

FOCAL (Cottonwood / Bistro)

Bringing something special to the table, I think you might find their new offerings much more listenable and fatigue free than some of previous years. Still delightful to fans, and a pleasant surprise me.


I may be new to headphones, but I’m not new to Jerry Harvey and neither are you. Founder of Ultimate Ears, he brings more to the metaphorical and literal table than ever before. Worth a listen, and more widely recommended by professional musicians than the use of psychedelic drugs.


If anything you need to see them for the show special pricing, and to see the owner’s wife put life and limb on the line to make the sale. Durable, stackable, packable, and tightly designed.

RMAF 2017 coverage proudly brought to you by Noble Audio.

CANJAM (Lobby / Bistro)

Yes, I’m talking to you. The diehard two channel guy who like the me of yore, wasn’t too interested in sore ear lobes. Times have changed and for the better. You can’t skip this section of the show anymore. Nor is strolling through allowed, take a seat and take a trip inside your head.


(Check out: www.elusivedisc.com)

Yes, I’m still talking to you. The guy (or gal) who thinks they only came here to see the big ticket items and leave empty handed. Carry on approved, the marketplace fare is full of rarities to make your listening experience better. Just do it.

PEACHTREE AUDIO & ZU AUDIO (Pikes Peak / Mezzanine)

Rebels in their own special ways, the pairing of these two never elicited any doubt of producing exponential gains in the audio spectrum. Sean Casey’s eclectic tunes and vision of how the presentation part of the chain (the speakers) should be not be missed. David Solomon’s ability to communicate in words the passion and power created within his Nova 150 amplifiers provides the demo listener with a roadmap and travel worth taking.

MOJO AUDIO Room #551

I’m pretty much telling you to go to this room, listen and learn from Ben Zwickel. His take on music listening makes me rethink digital and headphones.


To the reader who has never been to an audioshow. All too often we forget about the chances we have at an audio show to take what we know and cut it with what other know, in hopes of learning and growing as a community. My favorite thing about audio shows is knowing that each time I go, I will depart a better man than when I arrived.

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