Sean Casey, Part 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Occasional Podcast! Our maiden voyage kicks off with CES prep and part one of our two part interview with Sean Casey of Zu Audio.[podcast src=”″ height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”bottom” theme=”custom”]

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  1. I took part in both pod casts #1 and #2 on Itunes. I truly wish it was a video stream and not just audio. Sean Casey really knows his stuff I really enjoyed what he had to say on vintage audio and tubes. I wish he would have discussed tube rolling by trying other tubes for optimal occasions in listening pleasure. I never heard his speakers but seen them in Sterophile Magazine in the past. But, when one talks about instruments and what is playing; if it is recorded live and not digitized by going through filters and processors in the studio. Then in my opinion then you could localize the instruments and say what they are. And also the sound is only the best by what is in line for the connections and cabling and each time one tries a new brand of connections the quality of sound will change. I am going to subscribe to the pod cast and hope to see more and even a video pod cast.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill. Unfortunately for the RSS feed, it is not possible to put extra data within the post. I can however, include some notes here.

    If you are looking for a link to Zu Audio it is here:
    Here is a link to the video I mentioned in the intro:

    More episodes on the way as well as CES coverage!

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