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Capital Audiofest 2017: CanMania Photo Tour

KEF R Series


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The East Coast’s favourite audio show – Capital Audiofest – was host to 2017’s CanMania. This headphone show is in coordination with Headphone.Guru.

CanMania brings together manufacturers, vendors, headphone and personal audio enthusiasts along with the audio industry press.  Sprawling large and wide across the Plaza ballroom, exhibitors have plenty of room and separation for show-goers to avoid the cluttering and lack of elbow room which is often the bane of many headphone shows. There were also “Quiet” rooms available for exhibitors wishing to offer a special VIP, private listening experience. Thirty booths deep, I dove in on Sunday when things had calmed down.



Periodic Audio
Audio Technica
Rogue Audio
Wells Audio
Dana Cables
Ginkgo Audio
Modwright Instruments
Ess Labs
Amps & Sound
Clear Tune Monitors
Schiit Audio
Mytek Digital
Caprice Audio
ifi Audio
Linear Tube Audio


KEF R Series

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  1. BTW : the fat white guy in the blue shirt is Jon Archer from Command Performance AV – the DC area dealer for Mr Speakers, who were co-manning the table with “Kid Speakers” Rachel Clark….

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