RMAF 2018 Preview: Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Oct 5-7 2018

It’s that time of year again, RMAF 2018 is upon on us, and this year’s festival of sound proves to be just as exciting as any of the decade. Several of this year’s exhibits are North American debuts, along with a slew of new exhibitors bring their A-Game to Denver.

Here are just a few of the over 400 brands that will be showing this coming weekend. Be sure to make your way over to these rooms and booths for a listen.

VIMBERG: Room 7018

Mino … See it! Hear it! Room 7018. Nuff said.

The new VIMBERG (from the creators of TIDAL Speakers) the Mino loudspeaker will be making its debut for all of the Americas and Caribbean at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Room 7018.

TIDAL / VIMBERG CEO, and Designer, Jörn Janczak will be attending to answer questions and meet prospective Dealers.

Zesto Audio: Room 7009

Zesto Audio is pleased to announce the world premiere of their newest product, the Andros Deluxe Phonostage which is an exciting blend of Zesto’s award winning Phonostages, taking the very best attributes from both. It will debut at the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in exhibit room 7009.

The Andros Deluxe Phonostage is an exciting blend of Zesto’s award winning Phonostages, taking the very best attributes from both. It’s developed from the same footprint of the Andros 1.2 Phonostage and many of the internal features of the Andros Tèssera Phonostage, yet maintaining its own unique sonic personality.

George Counnas, owner and chief design engineer for Zesto Audio admits “I’ve always loved designing phonostages, but now you can really hear the passion.” George continues, “Because of the success of the other phonostages, I was especially excited to take the circuit design and extensive grounding schemes to a whole new level.”

One of the unique features is an entirely new output circuit design that is based on the 12DW7 tube to drive the balanced output transformers. The main printed circuit board is dual-mono for better stereo separation. The input circuit incorporates the large, high quality built in MC step-up transformers that are used in the Tèssera. The Andros Deluxe is built with a passion for Analog, designed with 100% tube circuitry and no solid state devices anywhere in the signal path. The tube compliment is a pair of gold pin, high gain, low noise 12AX7’s and a pair of gold pin, high current, low noise 12DW7’s. Some of the other features are the 10 position MC loading “on the fly”, 2 gain settings for both MM and MC and ground switches to eliminate hum.

ModWright: Room 9010

A Glowing new Concept from ModWright! Come check it out at RMAF in RM 9010.

Showing the ModWright PH 9.0 tube phono stage in production form, a new Concept 200W Tube/SS Integrated amp and new Unity Gain tube analog stage/power supply prototype with Pro-Ject S2 DSD/MQA DAC. RM 9010 Modwright Instruments, Studio Electric, Zu Cable, Fern&Roby.

Swan Song Audio: CanJam Booth 42

Swan Song Audio will be at RMAF CanJam in Booth #42 demonstrating two built to order in America products using the Audeze LCD-XC headphones and the Astell & Kern AK100 MKII. Please stop by for a listen.

Class A DAC
The Class A DAC drives 1 watt into 60 ohms, .16% distortion, using a discrete Class A Headphone Driver. Other capabilities include: 3 digital and 1 set analog inputs, preamplifier out, and tone controls

Integrated Class A Amplifier
Utilizing a Class A Buffer, this integrated amp puts out 10 watts into 8 ohms (.1% distortion 1 watt 8 ohms). Other capabilities include: 3 digital and 1 set analog inputs, headphone output, speaker jacks, and tone controls

These products are built to order in America and can be ordered with different wood finishes.

Winner of our Longest Photo Award for 2018


VAC: Room – Maroon Peak

The Valve Amplification Company will introduce the latest member of its award-winning family of Statement audio components at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest the Maroon Peak Room.

The new Statement 450i iQ Integrated Amplifier is an ultimate performance, cost-no-object instrument that establishes a new benchmark for sound quality in integrated amplifiers. Part of the secret of its performance is in the unusual vertical form factor, which allows the optimal placement of circuit elements and purest, most direct routing of signals.

The Statement 450i iQ builds upon the prior art of the Statement separate components. Conceptually the 450i includes a Statement 450S iQ power amplifier, a Statement Line Stage, and phono stage with multiple inputs and adjustable loading. Power supply arrangements are dual mono throughout, with six main power transformers for left & right power amplifier, line stage, and phono stage.
VAC’s patented iQ Continuous Stable Automatic Bias system keeps the KT88 output tubes set at the intended operating point at all times for better sound, protection, and automatic indication of when tubes should be replaced.

The Statement 450i in goes on sale on October 2. MSRP has been established at $150,000.

The Audio Company- will be having after-hours listening sessions at Rocky Mountain
Audio Fest 2018, held on Friday Oct. 5 and Saturday Oct. 6, at 8:30pm, in
the Maroon Peak Room, and will feature the world show premieres of the
VAC Statement 450i iQ Integrated Amplifier, and the Von Schweikert Ultra 9 loudspeaker system.

Auris unnamed (2)

Auris Audio: Room 5017, and CanJam Booth 31

Auris Audio is eagerly expecting you at Room 5017 and Canjam Booth #31 where you’ll have chance to see and hear their newest headphone amplifier – Nirvana – for the first time in USA.

Believe High Fidelity: Room 2014

Believe High Fidelity, a purveyor of Bespoke Ultra High End Products, is returning to RMAF with JWM Acoustics to RMAF in Room 2014.

They have prepared a one-of-a-kind demonstration of no less than eight North American product launches.

Screenshot 2018-09-30 at 3.56.53 AM

Alsyvox: Room 550

Alsyvox will announce the North American debut of Alsyvox full range ribbon loudspeakers and Omega Audio Concepts electronics and cables in Room 550.

Alsyvox will demo the model BOTTICELLI, 3 way ribbon loudspeaker, Omega Audio Concepts will demo their DNA CD player, DNA Converter, DNA MONO AMPs and THE ELEMENT cables.

Every day at 2PM they will play MA Recordings HiRez and DSD masters using Todd’s master recording.

Kanto: Room 9021

Kanto Audio is proud to launch their latest powered speaker, TUK, at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Room 9021

TUK takes its name from Tuktoyaktuk, a remote hamlet on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. It’s here where they drew inspiration for their newest addition. A place where the colorful and dramatic dance of the Aurora Borealis (commonly known as the Northern Lights) offers a thrilling experience – one that they’ve sought to emulate with sound.

Designed for true high-end powered speaker performance, TUK delivers an outstanding 65 Watts RMS per channel, and features newly designed AMT tweeters and 5.25″ aluminum concave-cone woofers.

Its wide range of connectivity makes it perfectly suited as both a near field and home audio solution. Along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB DAC for desktop use, TUK includes dedicated RCA line and RCA phono inputs, an optical input, and Bluetooth® that supports Qualcomm® aptX™ HD and AAC.

TUK will also come with magnetic protective grilles, 15′ of premium speaker wire, a rubberized power cable and a redesigned remote control.

Available January 2019, the TUK will retail for $799 USD in both matte white and matte black finishes.


Technics: Room 1007

In addition to the new SL-1000R, Technics will be showing an SP-10R in a legacy SH-10B3 plinth. They will also reveal the New Premium Class OTTAVA™ S SC-C50 – A new compact speaker system with an elegant wireless style produces a remarkably wide soundstage. Room calibration technology also allows free speaker placement, and highly diverse network reproduction is supported for an advanced wireless music experience. And as always, J-Corder will have some interesting new Technics re-creations.

The OTTAVA™ S SC-C50 combines practical function with elegant design. The thick aluminum top panel increases the rigidity of the chassis, and the iconic OLED is surrounded by ring keys for easy operation. Rear louvers add further elegance while enhancing the function of an internal heat-reducing mechanism. And the beautiful arc form, which helps to eliminate unwanted vibration in the chassis, incorporates acoustic technology to achieve a wide soundstage. This lets you freely place the OTTAVA™ S SC-C50 to suit the listening position. A room calibration technology also allows free speaker placement, and highly diverse network reproduction is supported for an advanced wireless music experience.