INNUOS Announces PhoenixNET Network Switch

Sometimes you see a product and think, “This makes so much sense, I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.”

Innuos today released their new PhoenixNET switch that was designed from the outset as an audiophile grade product. The details below outline why it is a necessary compliment to any server based system, but especially in concert with other Innuos products.

Currently our own Grover Neville is reviewing a Zenith server and PhoenixNET network switch combo.

Press Release Below

PhoenixNET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch

Innuos is excited to announce the release of their new PhoenixNET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch, designed
from the ground up for network audio. The PhoenixNET is the realization of Innuos’ philosophy of simplicity and
signal purity applied to the network switch. Having started with improvements to the Ethernet ports’ clock on
their flagship STATEMENT, Innuos has now taken the concept to the next level with a completely new network
switch design that focuses exclusively on audio use.

The design of the PhoenixNET is focused on four areas:

  • Minimize Network Switch Noise – Reduces high-frequency noise through a simpler 100Mbps network switch
    chip with no power switching regulators. Connected through high-end Isolation Transformers to individual
    Amphenol RJ45 shielded jacks with no LEDs and complemented with EMI treatment to further prevent noise
    into the circuit.
  • Increase Clocking Precision and Stability – A 3ppb 25MHz OCXO oscillator, as used in our flagship STATEMENT,
    individually powered by its own linear power supply and connected directly to the network switch chip.
  • Provide Pristine Power to the Components – Two independent STATEMENT-grade linear power supplies
    designed by Sean Jacobs with CX modules and Mundorf Caps to individually power the OCXO clock and the
    mainboard, keeping the power path short with less opportunity for EMI contamination.
  • Minimize Vibration on Components – Vibration managed using custom-designed CNC machined aluminium
    feet with an internal compound tuned to the resonant frequency of the chassis. The top cover is treated to
    convert vibration into small amounts of heat and sturdy RJ45 ports use silicone rings to minimize vibration
    coming from the chassis.

Recommended Retail pricing for the new PhoenixNET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch: $3,499 USD


Usability and audiophile performance. These two principals have been at odds with one another in the Music
Server and Digital Audio world for a long time, but Innuos set out to change this when it was founded in 2009.
They maintain their vision that high-quality audio does not mean compromising in ease-of-use. Through precise
matching of their bespoke hardware and in-house developed software, Innuos music servers and streamers
continue to prove that the digital source can still be pushed to new levels.


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