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In audiophile terms, music servers are still an emerging category of digital products. What started with education on DACs (and their role in high fidelity playback) has now moved to a consideration for the true source of any digitally-oriented rig. What gains can be had by upgrading beyond a simple laptop? The Occasional Podcast starts the talk this week in their episode Everything Makes A Difference: Music Server Edition.

Host Brian Hunter is joined by digital designer and Innous Director Nuno Vitorino. In more analog mindset, does it make as much sense to evaluate a separate music server in the same terms as one might consider a cartridge to a turntable? Both meet the event at the very beginning of source material. In addition to thinking about the why, Nuno discusses much of the how – including where to get started and what to look for. Much of the enthusiast crowd throws some weight into DIY, but less tech savvy parties will have plenty of information to chew on as well.

The Occasional Podcast is making its way though season 5 with music servers, but don’t miss our conversation from last week’s Two-Ways and Integrateds discussion, or even our interview audio legend Mike Moffat from the season opener. Also available for download is last season’s interviews with Heinz Lichtenegger, president of Pro-Ject. You can also check out Budgeting – From Entry Level To High End, Getting Started With Vinyl Playback, The Occasional Beginner’s Guide To Digital Audio and our take on the “Loudness Wars” which has been a highlight for the season. Season three had interviews with such audio legends as Jeff Joseph, Bill Dudleston, Nelson Pass and even Rob Watts. We had an amazing response from our show with engineer Dave McNair exploring all things Mastering, and if you haven’t checked out our beginners guide to reel-to-reel playback, it’s definitely worth a listen.

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