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Episode 2 of The Occasional Podcast tackles that much asked question: How does one allocate resources to each component in a hi-fi system? Should speakers get most of the kitty? How about cables? We explore all this and more in the latest episode, along with the help of Jonathan Derda from MoFi.

What do you think carries the most weight in a system? Let us know your experience in the comments. Whether its amps, sources or even some of the more fringe elements of the high end, there is plenty to get into the weeds in this episode of the Occasional Podcast. Jon presents an interesting take from his experience, laying out the basics down all the way down to items that are usually included in ultra high end rigs. If you have ever wanted a little direction in terms of overall budgeting for this hobby, this week’s episode will have something for you.

Season 5 of The Occasional Podcast is out with a big start, beginning with our sit down with audio legend Mike Moffat, but also available for download is last season’s interviews with Heinz Lichtenegger, president of Pro-Ject. You can also check out Getting Started With Vinyl Playback, The Occasional Beginner’s Guide To Digital Audio and our take on the “Loudness Wars” which has been a highlight for the summer. Season three had interviews with such audio legends as Jeff Joseph, Bill Dudleston, Nelson Pass and most recently Rob Watts. We had an amazing response from our last show with Dave exploring all things Mastering, and if you haven’t checked out our beginners guide to reel-to-reel playback, it’s definitely worth a listen.

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  1. Aren’t the only two components in a stereo chain that create sound the source and the speakers while the rest merely amplify / add gain to a signal? And so that’s where max budget should be allocated ?

    • There are no “onlys” in this. Everything can affect the sound and most audiophiles learn, over their involvement in this hobby, where to spend their money for the biggest impact.

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