STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two


STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two
STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two

STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two

A new reference loudspeaker from STENHEIM launches today, with the all-new Reference Ultime Two (website here).

Our hive opinion on Stenheim loudspeakers is best described as a unanimous consensus that runs hotly throughout our editorial staff. “Speakers to die for”, tells the tales of our battles when it comes time to choose a reviewer worthy enough for a Stenheim loudspeaker review, such as the Alumine 2 that was reviewed by Marc Phillips.

Or, when it comes time to cover a Stenheim exhibit at an audio show. No one leaves our staff War Room unscathed.

Below are some finer details and images for the new Ultime Two.
Yet, still not enough for our appetites. Let the battles begin. Enjoy!

Press Release Below

STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two
STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two

Bringing the exceptional quality of the world-renowned
Reference Ultime speakers to smaller spaces and at lower price point.

Conceived and built entirely in Switzerland, the new Reference Ultime Two speaker offers the proven design approach, components and materials used so successfully in our Reference Ultime models, in a more compact product that is easier to accommodate.

Like all of the existing Reference models, the Reference Ultime Two is a full d’Appolito design, with an off-set symmetrical driver layout. Internally, the similarities continue, with the passive crossover sharing the same essential electrical characteristics and quality as our existing designs.

Rather than the two, rear-firing bass units of the existing Reference Ultime models, it employs a pair of rear-facing laminar flow reflex ports (similar to those developed and so successfully used in the Alumine Five models), to load the front-mounted 12” drivers.

STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two
STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two

With the Reference Ultime Two speakers, you will rediscover the sense – and sensation – of live music. You will hear the vivid colours and vibrant energy in that music: the structure and beauty; delicacy and power; the musician’s sensitivity; their emotional and physical response to the music’s demands.

This is audio performance that honours the musical performance, a listening experience that captures the energy and atmosphere of a live concert, that encapsulates the excitement and emotional response of a live audience.


  • High-sensitivity Reference Ultime loudspeaker system
  • Full d’Appolito array with 2×12” woofers, 2×6 1⁄2” midrange and 1x 25mm tweeter
  • Massive aluminium cabinet with six independent, internal chambers.
  • Sealed chambers for each midrange, the tweeter and crossover
  • Separate bass chambers loaded with rear-facing laminar flow ports
  • Passive three-way crossover, using audiophile grade components, sealed in an airtight chamber
  • Frequency response: 25Hz to 35kHz
  • Sensitivity: 95dB, half space
  • Power handling: 400 WRMS, 800 W peak
  • Minimum recommended amplifier power: 30 W
  • Nominal impedance: 4Ω
  • Dimensions: H1535mmxW368mmxD505mm
  • Weight: 231 Kg each
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price / pair : $150,000 USD
STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two
STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two