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Ever since Hi-Fi Pig reviewed the Fink Team Kim speakers a couple of years ago, I knew I had to take a listen. First, Stuart and Linette Smith have almost identical tastes in high-end audio–we all love Lab12, for example–but the second reason has something to do with the looks of these high-quality German-made bigger-than-average two-way monitors with the cool integrated stands. In my search for the perfect two-way speaker, I’ve always suspected the Fink Team Kim could be a contender.

At High End 2022 in Munich, I was super excited when I entered the Fink Team room. I was finally going to hear the $12,990/pair Fink Team Kim, and maybe even the flagship Borg floorstanders ($36,490/pair). Unfortunately, they were in a static display and I had to settle on the Fink Team’s updated version of the Epos ES-14, which was still pretty cool. But my Fink Team obsession was unfulfilled.

fink team kim and borg

Enter the Matterhorn Audio Group, the current US distributor for Fink Team, as well as a newly energized Creek, HiDiamond Cables, Kroma Atelier speakers and Lucidum racks. Yes, I was able to hear both the Fink Team Kim and the Borg at the 2022 Pacific Audio Show, and I was NOT disappointed. The Kims had solid bass, an amazing way with dynamics, and a composure I only hear with premium two-way designs. The Borgs had a little more of everything–at three times the price they’d better–especially thundering bass that seemed to rise from the earth’s core. But the Kims weren’t far behind.

I told Veronica Diaz, founder of Matterhorn Audio Group, about my nearly futile quest to hear the Fink Team Kims. “If you ever need another review of the Fink Team Kim, let me know!” As I’m writing these words, just a few days later, the very same set of Kims are arriving at my house. I can’t wait to hear them under familiar circumstances.

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