ELAC Concentro and Connex | Audio Advice LIVE 2022

The Concentro Series

ELAC definitely had one of the best sounding exhibits at Audio Advice LIVE 2022.

They were showing their new Concentro S 507, the entry level model, from their flagship series of loudspeakers. All made in Germany, by hand, including drivers.

The tech begins with the jet tweeter, which is concentrically mounted inside of an all-aluminum upper mid-range. That array is located above a 6.5 inch lower mid-range driver, that features ELAC’s crystal membrane design. A technology used to stiffen the large driver by imparting folds into the diaphragm to disperse its distortion load more evenly while under duress, a duress that comes from being driven. Less flop.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Handling the deepest bass, four 6.5 inch bass drivers in each tower, flanking each side of the cabinet. And boy do they put in work.

The entire speaker is passive and was being powered by ELAC’s own electronics. All black, slim chassis, and hi-power.

Street price on the new loudspeaker is around $15K a pair USD.

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The Debut Connex Series

Also on display, the ELAC Debut Connex line, starting with a powered bookshelf, featuring a 2 x 50 watt amplifier, 5-way binding post tether, HDMI ARC, analog inputs with phono stage, USB input up to 96/24bit, AptX Bluetooth and a dedicated subwoofer output. All inputs are IR remote controlled.

One cool feature of the bookshelf, the speaker containing the power amplifier can be switched to play either right or left channel sound as a convenience for flexible and simple installs. Taking into consideration that power outlets in the home are not always in the ideal location for audio equipment.

Street price is expected to start at $599 USD

The ELAC Sound

First, the Concentro S 507 — this was some of the best sub-bass we’ve heard through a passive speaker at the show. Deep, taught, and dynamic. The mid-bass on up was true to German ELAC standards, smooth and detailed with great balance and tone. I could hear myself saying, “Dave McNair would like this speaker.”

Akin to speakers we’ve listened to extensively and intimately, the S 507 feels like a contender and more in the price range.

Second the Connex powered bookshelf, sounds balanced, but also sounds like a passive speaker. Not making the often boomy satire of bass that other powered monitors are known for. We played a few tracks that demonstrated just how much range they Connex had with deep bass and dynamics. All worked well.

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