Sonus faber, MICHI by Rotel, Pro-Ject, HiFi Rose | Audio Advice LIVE 2022

Sonus faber and MICHI

In a room measuring 27 ft x 42 ft, the team from Sonus faber put together a stunning display of true hi-end proportions. Some would argue that this exhibit was the other crown jewel at Audio Advice LIVE 2022.

Starting with the Sonus faber Lilium loudspeakers, a 3.5-way crossover and driver design, featuring an apara-aperiodic vented enclosure. The Lilium is a large loudspeaker with equally large power handling, and a presents 4 ohm load to the amplifiers, however it’s rated sensitivity of 92db at 1w/1m does allow for some flexibility in amplifier choices.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

All that said, a pair of big power stereo amplifiers from the Rotel MICHI series were on deck to handle loudspeakers extreme volume output capabilities. I say this, because we definitely went for it on more than a few tracks during the show weekend. If you want SPL, you need power.

The Lilium are indeed a tri-ampable loudspeaker, but were run in a bi-amp configuration for the show. Street price on those is at $78K USD.

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Pro-Ject Analog

The beautiful Signature 12 from Pro-Ject was handling all analog duties of the day. Itself features a 12 inch single pivot tonearm, belt driven flywheel system, a massive 10 kg aluminum platter, and electronically controlled speed monitoring systems.

HiFi Rose Digital

Feeding the digital playlists from Qobuz, was the Hi-Fi Rose Streamer, heading into the MICHI preamp directly to its built in DAC.

Between the Pro-Ject turntable and the Hi-Fi Rose, we had all the bases covered.

The Sonus faber and MICHI Sound

Like jets taking off. We got this system up and running loud.

Being at the end of the hotel floor was a bit of a help, as we were less likely to disturb the neighbors, though I doubt anyone at a hi-fi show is looking out for anyone but themselves, but at least we can pretend we did.

As far as big speakers go, the Lilium plays with the kind of grace you often appreciate with smaller and less complicated designs. Do I credit the bi-amping for aiding in this sound? I do. Do I also think the MICHI electronics proved themselves worthy of more attention and praise? Absolutely.

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