Best of Show and Wrap-Up | Audio Advice LIVE 2022

Audio Advice LIVE 2022, It’s a Wrap!

RALEIGH, NC (PTA) — The Sheraton Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina has long since returned to normal. The exhibitors have long since packed up, loaded their chariots, and flown off into the sunset to wherever exhibitors go before returning to the next audio show. As the show finally comes to a close in my mind, I reflect on what I’ve just witnessed.

Words and Photos by Eric Franklin Shook

The team at Audio Advice have achieved so much with their inaugural Audio Advice LIVE 2022, having only conceived the plan for a full-fledged audio show just one-hundred days prior. Anyone who’s been around Audio Advice leadership knew well in advance that anything they set out to do would be a smashing success, but also set a new standard for how it should be done—including audio shows.

Our complete coverage of the Audio Advice LIVE 2022 event can be found here, or on the Part-Time Audiophile homepage.

Show Coverage Powered by EMBER Audio + Design

Not Their First Rodeo

In the late ’70s it was Leon Shaw of Audio Advice who basically pioneered the idea of “going upmarket”, and doing so locally with great success. Raising the bar again in the mid-’00s with their Music Matters events, becoming a must-attend part of the tri-state audiophile calendar. Then when e-Commerce came knocking, Scott Newnam and the team quickly put on the world-wide-map. What can’t they do?

The Audio Advice LIVE audio show is not an experiment, it is the next level in public audio experiences, and will become a force in the industry because more than “good industry connections“, they have a ton of industry respect.

The Next Show, Audio Advice LIVE 2023

AUGUST 4-6, 2023 – Sheraton Hotel, Raleigh, NC

Next year’s event date has already been set, exhibitor registration has already begun, and the exhibit rooms are sure to go quickly as this show is wide open to any and all brands that wish to take part. Bring on the TIDAL, the Acora, the Vinnie Rossi, the Volti, the Wilson, the Von Schweikert, the VAC, the Ampsandsound, the Qln, the Trenner & Friedl, the Zu Audio, etc.

I’m sure as the Audio Advice LIVE planning committee meets, and meets frequently, some new and exciting additions will come to next year’s show, that again, will raise the bar once more.

The Dream Team

First and foremost, a thank you to our Audio Advice LIVE 2022 show coverage sponsors Christopher and Jamie Livengood of EMBER Audio + Design. Their support was instrumental to our success, without it, none of our hi-fi shenanigans would have been possible. Secondly, a thank you to some of the best ears in the business, Jameson Mourafetis who was there each day to bounce sonic impressions off of, and there in the late of night to enable the best of my vices. Thirdly, a thank you to Cassidy McNierney for showing us what real speed is all about. Lastly, a thank you to Jonah Shook, my spawn, for fitting in like a seasoned professional at his first audio show.

Also, a big thank you to Audio Advice LIVE event sponsor Qobuz, who gifted the audio show the gift of music. Learn more about Qobuz here.

The Best of Show

In no particular order or ranking, the ‘best of show’ are as follows:

ELAC Concentro and Connex

The Concentro Series ELAC definitely had one of the best sounding exhibits at Audio Advice LIVE 2022. They were showing their new Concentro S 507, the entry level model, from their flagship series of loudspeakers… [ Read More Here ]

McIntosh Labs

A Rare Sighting Something you don’t see every day, unless you own a pair, are McIntosh Labs speakers. You’d think we’d see more of them, but usually at audio shows it’s McIntosh gear with other… [ Read More Here ]

Monitor Audio, Roksan

Monitor Audio and Roksan brought a really sleek and modern looking system to Audio Advice LIVE 2022. Showcasing the new Attessa series of components from Roksan, and pairing up with Monitor Audios Silver 300 7G… [ Read More Here ]

KEF, Parasound, Innuos, NAD

The KEF Blade Two Meta The smaller of the KEF Blade series, though if only one of the two are present, I usually have to ask which is which… [ Read More Here ]

Piega, HiFi Rose, Dr. Feickert Analog, EMT, BAT, MoFi Distribution

The One You’ve All Been Waiting For MoFi Distribution brought the most serious system of Audio Advice LIVE 2022. The MoFi room was indeed the talk of the show. Feature… [ Read More Here ]

Marantz, Definitive Technology, Sound United

I Like Surprises Marantz and Definitive Technology by way of Sound United were showing their newest and best at Audio Advice LIVE 2022. The surprise here is not that companies like Marantz (or Def Tech)… [ Read More Here ]

MartinLogan, Anthem, AudioQuest, Qobuz

MartinLogan In-Wall?? Of all the stuff we listened to at Audio Advice LIVE 2022, Jameson and I never could have predicted that a pair ($50K/pr USD) in-wall loudspeakers from MartinLogan, conducted by a DSP driven… [ Read More Here ]

RBH Sound Unrivaled Speakers and Electronics

Unrivaled by RBH Sound Another pleasant surprise from RBH Sound of Salt Lake City, Utah — you know, that state where a lot of the best hi-fi comes from — came in the form of… [ Read More Here ]

RBH Sound, Sony, Trinnov, Stewart Filmscreen

Big Screen, Big Speakers It was RBH Sound of Salt Lake City, Utah that won over our ears during the Audio Advice LIVE 2022 weekend. Showing their 92-inch tall modular loudspeakers, along with a most… [ Read More Here ]

Show Coverage Powered by EMBER Audio + Design

About Our Show Sponsor

We welcomed EMBER Audio + Design (website) as this year’s Audio Advice Live 2022 show coverage sponsor. EMBER Audio + Design is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and has played the backdrop for many of our hi-fi adventures, like HUBCON 2022.

A family owned and operated brick-and-mortar retail shop. EMBER Audio + Design specializes in modern furniture with high performance audio and video for residential and commercial spaces. With over two decades of experience, they select products from the very best modern furniture and hi-fi manufacturers. Showing how well modern design and good hi-fi work together.

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A big thank you to the entire EMBER Audio + Design team!