Mark Levinson, Revel, JBL, AudioQuest | Audio Advice LIVE 2022

Mark Levinson was showing large with Revel loudspeakers at Audio Advice LIVE 2022. Powering the whole affair, a limited edition monoblock amplifier to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. So limited in fact, that production of the ML-50 amplifier will be limited to only one-hundred pairs worldwide.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

The custom glass top and glowing red LED lights within the ML-50 are not just for the touring demo model. They are indeed part of the product as sold. So what you see here, is what you get if you’re lucky enough to purchase such an exclusive amplifier.

The PerformaBe Series

The Revel F328Be that was on display at Audio Advice LIVE is the flagship floorstanding loudspeaker from the PerformaBe series.

The F328Be features a 1-inch beryllium tweeter, driven by large dual ceramic magnets. This is an all-new beryllium tweeter which features a 6th-generation ceramic-coated, cast-aluminum acoustic lens waveguide to help with directivity and coherence to the midrange driver.

Soundwise, it matters more than people think. Getting drivers to align and project in unison is a serious business, and not one to write off as window dressing.

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Mark Levinson ML-50

You might be asking yourself, is this just a tarted-up № 536 monoblock? The short answer is, no — not at all. The specs don’t lie. They didn’t just phone this one in.

Notable Features:

  • Limited to Only 100 Pairs Globally
  • Sequentially Serialized Pair Numbering and Badging
  • Reference Class Amplifier Performance
  • Mark Levinson Pure Path Circuit Design
  • Custom Glass-top and Internal Lighting
  • Vibration-damping, Mechanically Isolated Foot Design
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA

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