SVS Sound Revolution | Audio Advice LIVE 2022

SVS Sound was showing a new product at Audio Advice LIVE 2022: a new and updated version of their popular Prime Wireless, the Prime Wireless PRO bookshelf loudspeaker.

Also on display the SVS Ultra Bookshelf ($1.2K USD), an SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer ($900 USD), running off of an SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase ($500 USD), along with various cables and a vibration control system that seemed pretty unique.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

All of the power producing products featured a bevy of current-day connectivity options. In keeping with the times and changing upstream technology. It’s refreshing to see a company willing to keep up with the pace of innovation. So often you see companies lagging behind, with stale products clogging up the channels.

The Big Takeaway

SVS Sound has their sights set on big sonic targets. The kind of sonic targets that are traditionally expensive to achieve.

Between the two-room exhibit (second room not pictured, sorry) I could surmise that SVS was looking to tackle dynamic scale and end-user flexibility more than anyone else in the pricing space.

There’s a reason the company has a loyal fanbase, and I think I might have just joined it.

Show Coverage Powered by Our Friends at EMBER Audio + Design

Show Coverage Powered by Our Friends at EMBER Audio + Design