RMAF 2016: Nordost Lets Your Ears Decide

October 19, 2016

Even among committed audiophiles, the subject of whether cable makes much difference in sound quality can stir up more verbal sparring than a presidential debate. Cables manufacturer Nordost has its own solution to the controversy, and, thankfully, [...]

Newport 2016: Nordost

June 27, 2016

NEWPORT 2016: NORDOST Nordost came out swinging at T.H.E. Show assembling a beautiful room of all-star components that just sang together and included the largest turntable isolation base seen since since I started this hobby. Nordost was [...]

AXPONA 2016: Prine Time at Wilson Audio

April 27, 2016

Oh, I know what you are thinking, “I know the Wilson Audio sound. Why should I read more about Wilson speakers?” Well, the new Wilsons have reached a new plane in my opinion. If you have not listened in a while, the time is now to immerse [...]