A Christmas Story: Big Kids Toys AV

January 3, 2017

Lessons in power, synergy, and love By Eric Franklin Shook Greensboro, North Carolina hasn’t seized the love it deserves for many years. It’s our third largest economy in the state, and more importantly it’s a city that always challenges the [...]

TAVES 2016: Audio by Mark Jones

November 28, 2016

By Richard H. Mak Mark Jones has been in the audio business for over 30 years, and a few years ago he went independent, starting his personal brick and mortar shop, Audio by Mark Jones.  To those who know him, Mark is one of those dealers whom [...]

High End 2015: Magico

June 28, 2015

Magico did not bring the highly expected M-Project in Munich’s High End 2015 show but maybe it was too much to ask, after all they did brought the Ultimate III last year, so instead, we had to listen to “normal” productions models. Oh, the [...]

Vancouver 2015: Devialet and Magico

May 21, 2015

by Rafe Arnott Devialet is one of those brands that seem to either really turn people on or really turn people off. I’ve yet to speak with someone who is familiar with the brand who wasn’t in one camp or the other. Devialet (pronounced [...]