PAF 2022

Margules and Raidho | PAF 2022

Margules Audio definitely stepped up at the 2022 Pacific Audio Fest with a system that featured not only their flagship amplification–the Margules U-280SC 30th Anniversary power amplifier ($10,000 USD) and the SF-220 preamplifier ($7,000)–but a […]

PAF 2022

PAF Saturday Highlights | PAF 2022

The PAF Saturday Highlights were copious, with so many good-sounding rooms during the day and lots of celebrating late into the night. That means I’m writing these words with blurry, bloodshot eyes and a somewhat […]

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Newport Beach 2014

Newport 2014: Scot’s Grab Bag of High-End Stereo, stuffed full of Audioengine, Bob’s Devices, Focal, Raidho, MBL, Perfect8, Planter, Roksan and Vivid

Audioengine Brett and Brady and Morgan were all on hand, showing off the upcoming Audioengine B1, a Bluetooth DAC that supports the latest AptX codecs for what seemed — to my ears at least — to […]