Newport 2012: TAD, Technical Brain

This was a really interesting room, but I haven’t a lot to say about it. It was, well, very pretty and all that, and sure, finding gear this bespoke tucked into a corner at an audio show is quite the find, but unfortunately I didn’t actually get to hear any of it. It wasn’t running. Blah. I did manage to get some shots, however, so here they are.

So, what was here? Some of my favorite speakers — $37k TAD CR-1 loudspeakers ($40,600 with stands). The electronics were the extremely high-end work from Technical Brain, including the $90k TBP-Zero/EX monoblock amplifiers. These mega-amps are good for 350wpc into 8ohms, double cleanly into 4ohms, and weigh a robust 165lbs each. The matching $57k Technical Brain TBC-Zero/EX preamplifier fronted it — that monster has a staggeringly low 3Ohm output.

… holy cow …


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