RMAF12: Sneak Peak at Zesto, WyWires and TAD

Show opens tomorrow, and I find Alex Sventitsky of WyWires in the lobby. We meet up with the Zesto Audio folks, and there I am, trying to talk George Counnas into sending me some sweet Zesto gear (one of the best deals in high end to date!), when I ask him the following:

So, naturally the next step will be a preamp with a phono. That’s a given. But when’s the amp coming?

And he gives me this Cheshire Cat stonewall. Yeah, alrighty then. Like that’s not gonna happen! Anyway, George isn’t giving any secrets away to this Part-Timer, but you know where my money’s at. Amps! Oh yeah!

Zesto is showing with TAD CR-1 loudspeakers (oh myyyy), and all WyWires. A Lindemann DAC was tucked into the rack. Looking forward to hearing this stuff! Alex tells me that he has a little something special for the show, too. You can imagine me becoming “all ears”.

More soon.


  1. TAD CR-1’s are exceptional speakers. They do require careful attention to upstream electronics and positioning, but the rewards are well worth it. Just amazing detail and presentation. Well done Andrew Jones (the designer). They have become the reference standard of many.

  2. I have a friend Joe from Long Island who loves his TAD CR-1 speakers. I trust his ears. Me? I love anything by Venture Audio.

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