High End 2016: Estelon introduces gorgeous YB


Many designers reserve the same room year in year out in Munich’s High End show and this helps a bit, It lets me move as a heat seeking missile on day one, pointing straight to the rooms I know will have something fresh and interesting on demo. Estelon’s Alfred Vassilkov never disappoints, his creations apart from being gorgeous, sound sublime.

This year he introduced a new line of speakers, the Y which currently consists of only one model, the YB, though soon other will follow. The YB is a three-way passive design with a 1’ beryllium tweeter, a 5.25’ midrange and a side mounted 8’ aluminum woofer for an 86dB/2.83V sensitivity. The looks of this slender masterpiece in white gloss are of exceptional grace and the sound was nothing short of spectacular especially given the size of the room. You would not expect much from a pair of 8’ woofers in a 80m² room but it was not bad at all, those hard cone woofers behave pistonically and punch above their weight. As always the imaging was truly top-notch, for some reason Estelon speakers always manage to project singers and instruments into the scene like few others.

Between the two speakers and acting as digital source and amplifier there was a mysterious box covered in black fabric. This is going to be something completely new from Estelon but we will have to wait a bit to find out more. For now it’s hush hush….

The Estelon YB will retail for 15.900 euros

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