LA Audio Show 2017: Welcome to the Jungle

Fly me to the moon.

I strung together a long list of swear words and shook my suitcase helplessly.

I was tired, and in no mood to be tested by an insubordinate piece of luggage.

I had arrived at my hotel room at the Sheraton Gateway for the Los Angeles Audio Show and couldn’t open my case for love or money.

Bringing audio to the masses.

Brian Hunter of Audiohead looked on impassively as my swearing hit a fevered pitch. He offered to attempt to remedy the situation, and I proffered the much-maligned case. With a flourish, and a laugh he had it open in seconds. Welcome to LA.

This is California, and you have to be laid back if you want to roll with flow, so this was a great lesson in dialling back the tension, and pouring on the chill. With the unpacking remedied, I hit the floors of the LAAS to check in on manufacturers, and vendors as they unpacked gear, and proceeded to tune systems to rooms.

Rossi dials it in.

Vinnie Rossi and Clayton Shaw of Spatial Audio had their room singing when I stopped by. Bob Graham was helping out in the Voss Audio room with Techdas, and Einstein. Keven Wolff, and Peter McGrath were doing some serious listening with Sunil Merchant in the Wilson Audio/T+A ElektroAakustik/Brinkmann/HRS/AudioQuest room.

Los Angeles Audio Show coverage brought to you by Spatial Audio.
Serous listening.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab was putting the finishing touches on a TAD/ Koetsu/Spiral Groove set up. Doug White, and friends Olu, and Bill were blasting the funk in The Voice That Is room with Tidal gear in full effect. Bryston was busy routing cabling,  KEF, and Wyred 4 Sound was getting close to finishing, and LKV Audio with Jeff Joseph’s speakers was getting ready for beer o’clock. Overall the vibe at the Sheraton was one of camaraderie, high-fives, laughs, and anticipation for the coming days as this inaugural show gets set to show the audio world it’s chops.


TAD and Spiral Groove keep it smooth.

Check back every day of the Los Angeles Audio Show for updates, and thanks for stopping by.

–Rafe Arnott



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  1. First timer to a show. I was there actually to find some speakers for home. A lot of impressive showings, some not so much. What I really enjoyed, and had never heard of in the ranges Id consider: Vanatoo- a must for desktop offices, etc really amazing for the price. Silverline Minuet. Man, these rocked with amazing base and dynamics for standmounts; and handmade in California. I bought a pair.
    Most amazing thing I saw though, was two very small speakers from Japan by Kiso for 10K. small horn tweeters. Insanse sound for very small speakers.

  2. Also, a comparison between Harbeth M40.2 and X1 would be great given the fact both are (or will be) very often demoed with LIO.
    I would really like to hear what one has over the other.

  3. I respectfully request as much verbiage as possible Re. the room with Clayton Shaw’s Spatial Audio X-1 open baffle speaker, w/Acoustic Elegance 18″ and Beryllium compression driver w/4″ diaphragm/2″ throat, circa $12k/pr.

    It seems difficult to get proper top octave treble from the above described driver, but if anyone can do it, I’m sure Clayton can!

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