NEW Rotel Preamplifiers: RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII


Three new preamplifiers launch from ROTEL (website) today. Each model features upgrades in circuitry and components from the award winning Michi Series of ROTEL components.

Recently Rotel released a similar update to three of the company’s popular integrated amplifiers, that story linked here.

In related news, it was an affordable Rotel A-14, recently reviewed by Marc Phillips, that put forth a credible performance and muscled it’s way into our coveted Buyer’s Guide for the Best Integrateds of Summer 2021(link here) that you may have seen this earlier this month.

They say ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’, and we’re hoping that goes for sound too, as all three Rotel preamplifier models receive a new Digital-to-Analog (DAC) chip from Texas Instruments.

Press Release Below


Upgraded MKII Audio Circuits and Components Deliver A Higher Level of Acoustic Performance

Tokyo, Japan (May 25, 2021) – Rotel is thrilled to announce new upgraded MKII versions of two of the companies award winning stereo pre-amplifiers with the launch of the RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII. Both models feature a host of acoustic and performance upgrades with each acoustic circuit having been critically analyzed and significantly improved by leveraging technologies engineered for the award winning Michi series.

Key component changes include new coupling capacitors directly in the audio signal path to deliver improved frequency response in the DAC circuits. The DAC power supply filter capacitors, volume circuit and XLR balanced circuits also benefited from audiophile grade resistor and capacitor upgrades, isolating the independent DC power supplies, and resulting in a lower noise floor.
Collectively these 2 models benefit from over 75 critical component changes delivering an exceptional level of performance leveraging Rotel’s 60-year history of engineering and manufacturing high performance audio products.


The upgraded models support balanced XLR inputs and outputs, Moving Magnet Phono Stage input for turntable connectivity, analog and digital source inputs, wireless aptXTM and AAC Bluetooth and utilize a Texas Instruments premium 32-bit/384kHz Digital to Analog converter (DAC). Further, both units support MQA and MQA Studio via the PC-USB input and are certified Roon Tested.

A Texas Instruments 32-bit DAC was selected supporting the component changes rendering the audio with improved details and more accurate tonal quality. The changes deliver a larger and more enveloping sound stage surrounding the listener with a genuine and authentic performance. Both models are easy to operate using the included remote control and front panel display. Automatic power controls, signal sensing, fixed volume settings and tone adjustments optimize customization settings. RS232 and IP provide simple control system integration and software updates.


The Rotel RC-1590MKII is a reference preamplifier rending analog and digital sources with natural expression in a wide and open sound stage in stunning clarity. The heart of the RC-1590MKII begins with the power supply featuring dual in-house manufactured toroidal transformers. The transformers are physically and electrically isolated providing dedicated analog and digital supply voltages to all critical circuits through low ESR slit-foil capacitors eliminating unwanted distortion and an extremely low noise floor. Dual RCA and XLR output connection provide the ultimate flexibility including bi-amplification installations. A subwoofer output is also included.


Affordable high-end begins with Rotel’s RC-1572MKII Preamplifier including multiple acoustic upgrades and refinements processing all popular analog and digital sources to an even higher level of performance in stunning clarity with a natural, enveloping sound stage. The RC-1572MKII’s precision engineering begins with Rotel’s ultra-low noise power supply including a large, in-house manufactured toroidal transformer. The transformer design reduces stray radiated emissions and feeds a bank of slit-foil, low ESR capacitors delivering stable current to all sensitive circuits reducing noise and distortion with an ultra-quiet noise floor.

The new MKII models are available in both silver and black colors.


Orders for the RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII can now be placed with Authorized Rotel Dealers with shipping expected to begin June 2021 in the United States and Canada, and to the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

Suggested retail price (Excluding sales tax, including VAT as applicable):

  • RC-1572MKII: $1,399.99 USD
  • RC-1590MKII: $2,099.99 USD


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