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I haven’t checked in with Burmester Audio for many years, and it shows. I had no idea they’ve expanded their line so much over the last few years–they now have turntables as well as the fascinating new Phase 3 line, which features lifestyle products with a retro motif that fit easily into your home. We’re talking about integrateds and small two-way monitors. We’re talking about my kind of gear.

To me, Burmester Audio of Germany has always been audio jewelry. I’m not knocking that at all, of course, because I always respect a brilliant aesthetic and I’m willing to pay a little extra for something that takes your breath away every time you walk into your listening room. But those gorgeous, shiny chrome audio sculptures always seemed just beyond my grasp. But when you get away from the big system gear from Burmester Audio, those impossibly large power amps and the equally imposing speakers which do cost an extraordinary amount of money, you do find that the more modest gear presents an unlikely concept–actual value.

burmester audio

For instance, Burmester Audio has always featured a modest (relatively, of course) integrated that costs just around $40K. When I met up with my old industry pal Norm Steinke, who handles Burmester in the US, I told him, “Hey, does Burmester Audio still make those wonderful little integrateds? And would they go well with one of these beautiful two-way monitors?” I’m crossing my fingers, in other words.

phase 3 line

I did sit down and listen to that giant Burmester Audio system in the giant exhibit room. The ceilings of this conference room seemed impossibly high for really good sound, with ornate soffits everywhere, but this Burmester Audio system was able to rein in and control the room and optimize it for the system. I heard incredible focus and detail, and a soundstage that didn’t bleed out into all directions at once. This was a surprisingly tight presentation and yes, I would like to know more.

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