High End 2015

High End 2015: MSB

One of the most anticipated products of this show was MSB’s all new Select DAC. The company made a huge Asian tour before presenting it in the German kermesse, and expectations for what probably is […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: Feickert Turntables

I’ve been a fan of the full-featured/full-function line of turntables from Dr Feickert for years; the clean design is mesmerizing, the integrated speed-controls are intuitive, and the motor’s native “noise dissipation” digital processing translates into […]

Newport Beach 2015

Newport 2015: Press Day

The Home Entertainment Show has put all its eggs in one basket. After a gagillion years, they’ve abandoned Las Vegas to concentrate on the single, almost-in-Newport Newport show. After years of splitting that show between […]

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Newport Beach 2015

Newport 2015: Opener

by Rafe Arnott Dateline Irvine… My stomach lurched a bit as the jetliner I was riding in lowered its bouncy wheels and they drunkenly (and somewhat sideways) smacked the greasy tarmac at John Wayne International […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: AVID HiFi

Well known British turntable company AVID launched in Munich a new, impressive series of reference electronics including a 60.000 euro pre-amplifier with external power supply and 63.000 euro/ pair mono power amps capable of 400W/8Ohms. […]

Vancouver 2015

Vancouver 2015: Wrap

by Rafe Arnott I have a confession to make. I can’t dance or sing worth a damn (unless I’ve had several pints, then I’m John Travolta and Tori Amos rolled into one gyrating, bearded, hot […]


AXPONA 2015: An Outsider Looks In

by Josh Emmons My tastes in music are discouragingly popular. I crave ABA structures, uplifting hooks, and transportive bridges. I am inspired by key changes. My first cassette tape was Different Light. My first CD? […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: Aurender

The company whose name has become a synonym for high quality music streamers was presenting their reference portable DAC and headphone amplifier during the Munich High End show. Starting with the looks let me tell […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: dCS

Ran into John Quick (US importer for dCS) while ogling the new dCS Rossini DAC, and he gave me the scoop on this new beauty. This DAC will be bumping out the Scarlatti, if I recall […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: Nagra Audio

Nagra Audio was showing off a new amplifier – the Classic (€14,500) – which replaces the outgoing MSA amplifier I reviewed here. The Classic retains the Class A bias and switching PSU that characterized the […]