Turntable manufacturer sees sales surge 400% to keep up with vinyl numbers

Pro-Ject displays some of its wares at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.
If you’ve got a thing for vinyl, then you’ve got a thing for turntables too.

Both are dependent upon the other, and as worldwide sales of LPs hit upwards of 3 million copies in 2016 according to several news outlets, turntable manufacturers saw demand for their products rise in kind.

According to SEV Litovel – the manufacturer referred to as the largest producer of quality turntables in the world, and which provides Pro-Ject Audio with a number of models – the company’s production rose four-fold in the seven years between 2009, and 2016 to more than 124,000 ‘tables.

Pro-Ject Classic turntable.
Heinz Lichtenegger, who is director at Pro-Ject, attributed part of the huge growth in sales to the way people were choosing to listen to music on vinyl in an attempt to “…make their life more enjoyable, more slow.”


Jiri Mencl, the managing director of SEV Litovel, said the company opened a new $7.2 million USD turntable production facility this year in order to keep pace with demand, and expects approximately  400 employees to build 150,000 units – ranging in price from $2,000 to $10,000 USD – within three years.

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  1. Tubes and Valves, to go along with all these turntables, would surge 400% too if not so bleeping expensive and better promoted, er marketed, in my expert opinion.

    Analog Man in a Digital World

  2. 8 BILLION people on the planet…..3 million records……that really is an irrelevant product, don’t ya think! Between VW, TOYota GM is about 30 Million vehicles in one year! A lot more in vehicles than a stamped piece of plastic

  3. I think it important to read reviews on all these, both new and existing models, before purchasing. One recently reviewed new entry was done so by a noted reviewed as needing a few mechanical areas corrected. He was kind by putting it to a growing process. I personally do no wish the be in that companies growing process.

    • 30 million+ vehicles from just 3 big mfgs is a lot more products than 3 million from how many mfgs? Wake up, Remember when one band say, the Beatles sold how many Millions of one album introduced? Vinyl records are smaller than a niche market. It’s a fad, like pet rocks where. Philips alone sold over 1 Billion + lamps in one year, one factory makes 500,000 TL lamps a DAY! should Cell phone makers halt production? That’s 1 mfg! Then GE and Osram sell more. No matter how anyone spins it, vinyl records are a dead, obsolete item…mass production and volume on consumer products matter. See why $3 records are now $30-$45 and even absurdly more

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