Neil Peart, Your Favourite Drummer’s Favourite Drummer, Dead at 67

Neil Peart of RUSH, Dead at 67
Photo taken at Sorry State Records, in Raleigh, NC

SANTA MONICA, CA (PTA) — According to various media sources Neil Peart, the iconic backbone of Canadian progressive-rock-power-trio RUSH — and your favourite drummer’s favourite drummer — has fought his last battle with brain cancer. He was 67 years old.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Known by many experts and casual listeners alike as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. Peart was reported to have been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer around 2016, and quietly fighting since then. His battle began just one year after retiring from RUSH, along with his professional career as a performer and master of the kit.

Few further details are clear, as it is reported that Peart’s death took place on January 7th 2020, but was kept private out of respect for family and those closer to his inner circle.


  1. Sad news indeed, what a talented drummer, even though we have heard the best of him he could still have created so many more joyful moments. My first drummer love was (is) for Bonzo’s, Keith and Ian (Paice) have a special place too along with Neil, but during my last 15 years or so I have to admit Neil was someone who grew up in me, having the chance of attending a live performance with him playing, wow
    He will be missed,

  2. Also a big BMW motorcycle enthusiast who really enjoyed riding. He had a truly wonderful life.

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