Review: iFi Audio Micro iPhono and iDSD

May 9, 2015

During last summer I was given the opportunity to bring the iFi nano DSD on vacation with me. Despite the moderate size this little DAC-headphone amplifier managed not only to put a smile in my face but to literally make me cerebrate for weeks on [...]

Tangerine Dream SHM-SACD Reissues

March 29, 2015

 by Paul Ashby Following founder Edgar Froese’s sudden passing earlier this year, fans new and old are examining, re-examining, and appreciating Tangerine Dream’s catalog. For the newcomer, or those wanting a refresher, there are [...]

Newport 2014: Off to the races

June 7, 2014

Don’t they all look so happy? Our esteemed publisher and editor told a long story about how his travel plans went awry. He made it seem like he had some intention of covering the opening of the show. He’s just lying to you. He never [...]