AXPONA 2017: Music From Another Room, Part 1

A photojournal by Eric Franklin Shook

A truth I’ve found: the host of the room sets the mood. This cramps the monotony one might expect when attending an audio show. Let’s take a walk ….

AXPONA coverage generously provided by NOBLE AUDIO.

Music Direct

The ever animated Brian Walsh walks me through a parade of familiar products at all levels of price and ability. Setting this room apart from many is the laid back let’s have fun attitude as well as the mixing of more everyday hi-fi components with more esoteric ones within the same system. Brilliant show.


Collective expertise at it’s most engaging. The system was selling itself. Norbert Schmied and Jonathan Derda spoke about the philosophies of the hobby. Even Guttenberg liked the room from what I could tell.


Entrancing sound dominated the room. To take a seat in these chairs was to participate in group obsession.

Aaudio Imports

An aesthetic of science fiction becomes reality.

Destination Audio

The must hear horn room at the show. I can’t say that resting on my opinion alone, everyone was talking about it. I was three floors away when I heard the praise and made a beeline for the elevators.


As the name says, it’s like walking in on a secret society meeting, you witness something cool and leave feeling like you own a secret or two.

Odyssey Audio

– Klaus Bunge is like everyone’s favorite uncle. A no bullshit give it to you straight teacher. Odyssey rooms are always a mind-blowing journey of spacious sound, and a lesson how affordably it can be done. Klaus really puts on a show, and it’s on his terms — sit back and take it all in. You will leave the room different than when you entered. Klaus’s personality is as much a spectacle as the gear.

GTT Audio

Reputations precede you. Bill Parish is a man riding high on having a first-rate reputation. Conversing with showgoers I ascertained that he was one of the most knowledgeable dealers in the country. In speaking directly with Bill, I gained that same confidence. Take my money please.

Ryan Speakers & AURALiC



Empowered with dynamics and proportion that you just don’t expect from a room this small.

Audio Solutions

I could see how one could spend the whole weekend in here. The larger room lended itself to functioning as a meeting spot for many to come, listen, and relax.


One of the best ways to get into hi-fi or stay interested in it, is to take up DIY audio projects. Offering expert advice is something Madisound is known for, and I’m glad to see them at the show.


There’s something about the ATC sound that is just so immediately attractive. Divulging everything without being harsh. Deservedly on my short list.

Austin Acoustic

This room benefited from it’s size. Music from a 4-way horn system did a number on my soul. The room treatments seemed a necessary touch.

Bang & Olufsen

A room of shape shifting sound thanks to custom DSP tailoring. Flagship sound by every definition.

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