Gershman Acoustics, The Vinyl Revivers, Bel Canto, Accuphase, Rega | CAF 2019

The Gershman Acoustics room, hosted by The Vinyl Revivers, was the last room I visited at the 2019 Capital Audiofest. The Part-Time Audiophile staff had just completed our show wrap-up on The Occasional Podcast, and I was thinking about heading out. I checked my list one more time and there I saw it–The Vinyl Revivers, Gershman, Bel Canto, Accuphase, Rega. No check beside it. Uh oh. While most exhibitors were already packing up to leave, I snuck into the Gershman Acoustics room and everyone was still inside, listening to music. Besides, how could I pass up a chance to say hello to Ofra Gershman, one of my favorite people in audio?

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Gershman Acoustics was showing off their new Grand Studio 2 loudspeakers (price TBA), which looked like two substantial 2-way monitors welded together. My first impression was that they looked like high-tech stacked Advents. That’s not exactly fair since both speakers feature different crossovers. The sound, of course, was far different than a pair of stacked Advents.

The rest of the system was an odd combination of components, and I say odd only because so many different brands were represented in a single rack. I was thrilled to see the Accuphase E-270 integrated ($5799) in the mix, looking like a golden-hued ’70s receiver from the past. The source was a Naim CD player used as a transport, backed up with a Bel Canto DAC. Everything was wired with Nordost. I asked Ofra about the unusual system, and she explained that The Vinyl Revivers wanted to represent a few of their brands in the room. When I pointed out the Naim CD player and how I loved them and how I’ve actually owned two, she smiled. “That’s ours,” she said.

None of this variety affected the sound, which I found to be smooth but with extraordinary clarity. The Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio 2s were so much more than four 2-ways working together in unison. The bass was rich, deep and accurate, and the highs were lovely. Sometimes the last room at the show is a chore, a chore that can be rushed through. Instead I found myself relaxing and getting deeply involved with the music. I thought about the 2019 Capital Audiofest and how it was truly a great show, one that featured room after room of delightful sound. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on the Gershman Acoustics room, and next time I won’t pop in at the last possible minute.